The best gadgets from the first half of 2020

best gadgets 2020

With the coronavirus badly hitting all the countries of the world and crashing down their economies we expected less technological advancements and at least fewer new releases this year. But that was not the case, fortunately, and seeing new releases of the latest gadgets by tech companies in 2020 is a true treat for technology enthusiasts. Technology helped a lot in order to help up stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues during these trying times.

Here are some of the best gadgets which were released in the first half of 2020:

Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

The magic keyboard is Apple’s best answer to convert its iPad from tablet to laptop. The user-friendly design makes it very comfortable to use on a regular basis. The starting price of the 11 inch iPad Pro is $299, though it’s costly but praiseworthy.

OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus company launched its latest variant OnePlus 8 Pro which is the most expensive flagship phone released by OnePlus. However, OnePlus 8 Pro is the best smartphone you get under $1,000. OnePlus 8 Pro is a great substitute for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro.

OnePlus 8 Pro supports 5G, has a 6.7-inch display, latest Snapdragon 865, 4510mAh battery, and many more features.

Microsoft Headphones 2

Microsoft’s latest headphones comprise excellent sound and noise cancellation technology. The headphones have a longer battery life than its competitors, a very useful tool to work from home. The Microsoft Headphone price is $249.

Fitbit Charger 4

The Fitbit is currently the best fitness tracker you can have at the price of $149. In its latest version of the fitness tracker, the company finally managed to add built-in GPS. Now with the latest development, you can leave your phone back home while tracking mileage and it will track down your distance accurately.

Dyson Corrale hair straightener

The Dyson Corrale also makes it to the 2020 best gadgets which is a cordless straightener having copper flexing plates. Dyson Corrale is available in the market with a huge price tag but great for your scalp health.

The locking hairs between the plates will not only just reduce your straightening time but also protect your skin from the heat. If you wanted to control the damage of hair while straightening then Dyson is your choice and available in $500.

Macbook Air 2020

Finally, Apple shifted its momentum towards more specifications and lower-cost devices. The Macbook Air is an answer to that which Apple users were desperately waiting to upgrade the core features and specifications along with a friendly price tag.

The Macbook Air comes with Magic keyboard which we already mentioned in this article, the latest processors, and an increase in base storage and with very reasonable price $999.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung jumped into the Flip phone market with its Samsung Galaxy Z Flip which has a very elegant design and display and therefore among the best gadgets 2020. The asking price is very high as Samsung put a price tag of $1,500 on the device.

After the Motorola Razr there were many flip phones were in the market but did not make an impact but Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip took all the attention.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The main catch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the phone is having a 108-megapixel camera which includes 100x zoom. Apart from that, the smartphone has a 6.9 inch gigantic screen and 5000mAh battery life. The cost to use all the features of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is $1,399.

iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE is a compact and affordable smartphone as it only costs $399. You will not have a feeling that you are holding a low priced phone in your hand, as it has the same A13 as iPhone 11 Pro series and a battery that lasts longer than usual.

We have six more months of the year and there are so many more exciting products on the line.

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