Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 with quality sound

Surface Headphones 2

The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 are very striking the moment you get to know them to the fullest. They are able to introduce noise canceling headphones in the market which leave behind the market leaders in this field like Sony and Bose.

Original Surface Headphones were with some drawbacks mainly the less battery time and sound quality. Knowing those shortcomings Microsoft resorted to selling those headphones at the same price as their competitors. This was an injudicious decision by Microsoft as the brand new product which doesn’t have any following in the market cost the same as popular devices.

With the new Surface Headphones 2, Microsoft has managed to increase the battery life with a reasonable price tag of $250.

Main Features

Microsoft Headphones 2 can rotate 180 degrees from ear cups so that its body gets fit. The headphones are not foldable so you might lose some space in your backpack.

The surface area of the headphone can be used to pause or play music, answer calls, or skip soundtrack. There are only two physical buttons inserted in the headphone which is for power as well as to connect devices and a mute button which usually we do not see on headphones. A 3.5mm jack is also there on the right bottom side of the cup.

Surface Headphones 2 are very warm from inside which is a good thing and a bad thing as well. The good thing is your ears won’t feel discomfort while using it for long but it may get sticky and sweaty. In overall comfort level, Microsoft needs to do a lot of work in order to catch up with its competitor.

You can also have Microsoft assistant along with Google Assistant or Siri by tapping or holding any of the ear cup surfaces where touch is applicable. The mics will easily detect your voice command and will help you to do anything easily.

Another thing that is great to have in these headphones is multiple Bluetooth connectivities. You can connect it with your laptops or your phone at the same time, but cannot listen to music or anything from both devices. It’s a good feature which even Sony is not having in there XM3 headphones.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 verdict

  • The battery life is enhanced
  • Multiple Bluetooth device connectivity option
  • Surface dial controls are also impressive
  • The price tag with respect to feature is justifiable
  • The headband can be a discomfort while using it for more than 3 hours
  • Headphones are not foldable and hence require more space

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