Hackers are posing as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to steal information


According to a report, hackers have domains that are registered and pretending to be Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom users to steal information. There are millions of people using these services for video conferencing and official meetings because of the lockdown issue. The hackers are using these domains as original links to deceive users to download some malware or even get personal information from the users of these services.

According to the report, in only 3 weeks 2,449 domains were registered and all of these were looking like original Zoom service. In those registered domains 32 domains are malicious while 320 domains looked suspicious. Hackers sent professional emails to users and no one can judge by the look of the content whether it’s an original or fake one, but if you compare original with bogus you will judge easily.

The sent email from hackers may look an official one from Microsoft Teams but a button in the email to open Teams maybe a mischievous URL in order to download malware to the user’s system.

Google is also monitoring this issue and it has observed that donations scams through email ape the organizations such as the World Health Organization. According to Google stats in mid-April, there were more than 18 million emails that contained malware linked to pandemic COVID-19.

Phishing Emails are also being sent from hackers posing as WHO. The email contains a file and when users click on the file malware will be downloaded into their computer.

The donation request is also observed via emails from the WHO and the United Nations but it may be directed to bitcoin wallets which are also forged. Having this scenario, now World Heath Organizations formed an entire dedicated page just to inform users of the pandemic coronavirus hackers and scammer’s schemes.

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