Pakistan to host 2024 Olympic Hockey Qualifying Tournament

Pakistan to host 2024 Olympic Hockey Qualifying Tournament

Excitement and jubilation filled the air in Lahore as Pakistan was granted a remarkable opportunity by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). After a long wait of 19 years, the country would once again be hosting a notable event, marking a significant milestone for Pakistani hockey enthusiasts.

With great pride, the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) revealed that Lahore would serve as the venue for an eight-nation qualifying competition for the 2024 Olympic Games. Set to take place from January 13th to 21st, this tournament holds immense importance for the revival of hockey in Pakistan.

Haider Hussain, the secretary of PHF, couldn’t contain his delight at the prospect of Pakistan hosting such a prestigious event. He emphasized the tremendous potential of the tournament to rekindle the love for hockey among the masses, envisioning packed stadiums filled with enthusiastic spectators.

The qualifying round carries immense significance as the top three teams will secure coveted spots in the 2024 Olympics. Pakistan, having missed out on the previous two editions, is determined to make a triumphant comeback on the international stage.

Hussain assured hockey enthusiasts that the PHF would leave no stone unturned in ensuring a memorable and successful tournament. The federation aims to provide a platform for the national team to showcase their skills and reignite the passion for hockey in the country.

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Acknowledging the financial challenges associated with organizing such an event, Hussain revealed that the PHF sought assistance from the government as well as the Army Welfare Trust and DHA Lahore. In a heartening display of support, both institutions stepped forward to lend a helping hand, demonstrating their commitment to promoting sports in Pakistan.

With the hosting rights secured, the PHF now embarks on a comprehensive documentation process to estimate the expenditure required for organizing the tournament. While financial obstacles exist, Hussain highlighted the PHF’s track record of successfully managing international tours for both the senior and junior national teams. The federation remains dedicated to providing maximum international exposure for the players, despite the hurdles they may encounter along the way.

As the countdown to the Olympic qualifying tournament begins, Lahore eagerly awaits the arrival of international hockey teams, ready to witness exhilarating matches and witness the resurgence of hockey in Pakistan. The passion for the sport runs deep in the hearts of the nation, and the tournament serves as a beacon of hope, reigniting dreams of glory and showcasing Pakistan’s unwavering love for the game.

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