‘No Truth To Rumours About Rejecting Visas To Pakistani-Americans,’ Clarifies Embassy

us embassy not rejecting visa to american pakistani

According to the Pakistani Embassy in the United States, which disputed allegations that Pakistani- Americans were being denied visas to travel to their home country. Says there is “no truth to rumors,”.

The embassy’s spokesperson explained, “This is misinformation and disinformation.
The embassy’s statement followed a news conference by the US State Department during which a concern was expressed about Pakistani-Americans’ visa requests being turned down for travel to their home country.

Vedant Patel, principal deputy spokesperson for the US State Department, responded, “I’m not aware.” “We’ll just leave it at that. This obviously would be something for Pakistani consular personnel to speak to and not anything as it relates to the State Department, if there were to be any concerns that arose in this area.

The diplomat continued by saying that the embassy was offering Pakistanis living abroad every type of consular support, including visas.

“We encourage Pakistani-Americans to go to Pakistan on their NICOPs (National Identity Cards for Overseas Pakistanis) or, if they like, to get visas from the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, DC, or from one of our four general consulates located in New York, Chicago, Houston, or Los Angeles. Additionally, visa requests are also handled online, round-the-clock. So there shouldn’t be anything to worry about,” the embassy stated.

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The US State Department underlined during the same press conference that it was closely observing the situation surrounding the cipher issue.

“On a variety of subjects, we consult with our congressional counterparts. When asked if the US Congress had requested a probe into the cipher allegations, the deputy principal spokesperson responded, “I am absolutely not going to speak about something like that to specifics.

Additionally, the US was actively monitoring the situation, according to Spokesperson.

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