Tech Billioaire Elon Musk ‘Could Be Assassinated’ Fears Father

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Following threats from powerful political figures, Elon Musk’s father Errol Musk has stated that he has concerns for his son’s life and that he may be assassinated.

Errol Musk, 77, refuted a recent New Yorker article that claimed the Tesla CEO had a significant impact on decisions made by the government about the Ukraine, social media, and electric vehicles.

The role of Starlink satellites from SpaceX in the crisis in Ukraine was also highlighted in the study.

Following Musk’s purchase of Twitter last year, US President Joe Biden said that his interactions with other countries “deserve to be looked at.”

“It’s a hit job, a shadow government-sponsored opening salvo on Elon,” Errol told The Sun in response to The New Yorker’s article titled “Elon Musk’s Shadow Rule.”

He acknowledged having concerns that Elon could be assassinated by the “shadow government” while answering to a question.

Elon Musk received a lot of backlash when he spent $44 billion to buy Twitter now X in October of last year. He has been accused of allowing an upsurge in hate speech and false material on the social networking site that he recently relaunched as X.

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In May of last year, the richest man in the world received a veiled warning from Dmitry Rogozin, the former head of the Russian space agency, regarding the delivery of Starlink satellite internet service to Ukraine.

He had made a joke about it at the time and said, “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowing ya.”

But a few months later, Yuri Borisov succeeded Rogozin after the Russian president Vladimir Putin fired him.

Several Twitter employees told the BBC a few months ago that Musk constantly had security following him around. As a result of layoffs and other changes made by owner Elon Musk, they have also claimed that it is challenging to maintain security.

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