Changan Pakistan also announces reduction in car prices

Changan Pakistan

Several automakers announced price reductions for their car lines last week including Toyota, MG, Kia, Hyundai, and now Changan Pakistan Master Motors has done the same over the weekend. 

Starting immediately, the following vehicles will be sold at these new rates: 

Vehicles Old Prices (PKR) Price Reduction (PKR) Revised Prices (PKR) 
Alsvin 1.3 M/T 2,199,000 50,000 2,149,000 
Alsvin 1.3 DCT 2,449,000 50,000 2,399,000 
Alsvin Lumiere 1.5 DCT 2,650,000 61,000 2,589,000 
Karvaan 1,490,000 91,000 1,399,000 
Karvaan Plus 1,640,000 101,000 1,539,000 

The company reduced the price of its two 1.3-litre variants of Alsvin by Rs50,000. The new price of Alsvin 1.3 M/T will be Rs2,149,000 against its old price of Rs2,199,000. Similarly, the price of Alsvin 1.3 DCT has gone down to Rs2,399,000 from its previous price of Rs2,449,000.

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With a price reduction of Rs61,000, the new price tag of Alsvin Lumiere 1.5 DCT will be Rs2,589,000 against its old price of Rs2,650,000.

Meanwhile, Karvaan and Karvaan plus have seen a downward price revision of Rs91,000 and Rs101,000, respectively. The new prices of both variants are Rs1,399,000 and Rs1,539,000.

Those who had booked the vehicles at the old prices and are waiting for them to be delivered will be given the vehicles at a lower rate, and the final payments will be adjusted, according to the automaker

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It’s worth noting that the newcomers’ price cuts are much smaller than those made by the established names, as the newcomers have already received several benefits under the Automotive Development Policy (ADP) 2016-21, whereas the established names have been operating with higher duties and tax rates. 

The longevity of these price reductions is uncertain, as US Dollar rates are gradually rising again, and logistical issues persist amid the threat of a fourth wave of the pandemic in Pakistan. 

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