2,000 Solar-Powered Water Pumps to be installed in Punjab

Solar Water Pumps

2,000 Solar-Powered Water Pumps are going to be installed across Punjab for the provision of clean water in underdeveloped and backward areas of the province.

According to sources, Begum Perveen Sarwar, wife of Punjab Governor and chairperson of Sarwar Foundation announced the installation of Solar-Powered Water Pumps for providing clean water across Punjab. While talking to the representatives of various delegations and media in her office, she said that at least 2,000 Solar-Powered Water Pumps would be installed in the backward areas across Punjab in the first phase, where people lacked availability of clean water.

She said, “By providing clean drinking water to the people, they can be saved from deadly diseases such as hepatitis. The Sarwar Foundation is providing clean drinking water to 2.2 million people daily in Punjab, Balochistan and other parts of the country including Azad Kashmir,” she maintained.

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Begum Perveen Sarwar also said: “We have been working to support the vulnerable communities across Punjab. Glory be to God! Sarwar Foundation is one of the largest NGO providers of clean water in Pakistan.”

“We will install Solar-Powered Water Pumps in poverty-stricken areas and 10 to 15 families will be able to get clean drinking water through one pump,” she said.

She also urged the philanthropists to come forward and support the initiative as the Holy Prophet (SAWW) said: “Giving water to drink is the best charity.”

Begum Perveen Sarwar said: “We are striving to make quality healthcare accessible to all. In addition to our three fully operational hospitals, we organise regular free medical camps where doctors provide free check-ups and medicines to non-affording patients. The eye specialists also carry out free cataract surgeries and the expectant mothers are also given multivitamins besides medicines completely free of cost. Our mission at Sarwar Foundation is to help and support as many needy people as possible.”

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