Prices of KIA Picanto, Sportage and Sorento decreased

KIA Picanto Sportage Sorento

After seeing the prices reduction from Toyota IMC, we have seen that Kia Lucky Motors also reduced the prices on it entire lineup. 

Kia Lucky Motors has unveiled the much-anticipated update to their whole vehicle inventory. 

The car maker has instructed dealerships to accept reservations for their automobiles at the following discounted prices which are as below:

KIA Sportage

Two Sportage models have had their prices reduced by Rs. 129,000 and Rs. 117,000, respectively. It means that the Sportage AWD’s price has dropped from Rs 5,399,000 to Rs 5,270,000. Meanwhile, the new pricing of the Sportage FWD is Rs 4,782,000, down from Rs 4,899,000 previously. 

Finally, the lowest model, the Sportage Alpha, has been reduced by Rs 105,000. This indicates that the new price of this car is Rs 4,294,000, as compared to the old price of Rs 4,399,000. 

KIA Sorento

Moreover, the prices of three KIA Sorento models have been reduced. The first is the Sorento 2.4 AWD, which has been reduced by Rs 187,000. This One-Unit car was formerly priced at Rs 7,999,000 and is now priced at Rs 7,812,000. The second variation, the Sorento 2.4 FWD, saw a price cut of Rs 163,000, down to Rs 6,836,000 from its previous price of Rs 6,999,000. 

At the end, the third variant, the Sorento 3.5 FWD, was reduced by Rs 196,000, bringing the price down to Rs 8,203,000 from Rs 8,399,000 previously. 

KIA Picanto

The price of the KIA Picanto 1.0L A/T has been reduced by Rs 127,791. The previous price was Rs 2,049,000, and the new estimated price is Rs 1,922,000. Furthermore, the price of the Picanto 1.0L M/T has been reduced by Rs 118,000, bringing it down to Rs1,781,000 from Rs 1,899,000. 

In addition, the partial reservation amounts for the Picanto hatchback and the Sportage SUV have been decreased. The booking fee for the Picanto has dropped from Rs 1 million to Rs 0.75 million, while the Sportage’s has dropped from Rs 2 million to Rs 17.5 million. 

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