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Ayesha Omar, Urwa Hocane, other celebrities lament Karachi rain devastation

celebrities devastation in Karachi

As Karachi is in destructive condition, many industrial units have sunk, mobile networks stopped working and houses are in critical condition as they are the target of floods these days, so Ayesha Omar, Urwa Hocane, other celebrities have lamented the devastation in the city caused by the monsoon rains.

The Karachi rains this year broke 89 years old record on Thursday.
Shahid Afridi is offering relief in these flooded days in Karachi, he took on twitter and posted, “Parts of Karachi have been devastated by rain and flooding. We all have a responsibility to help the effected communities. #SAF team making a small effort to help ease the suffering.”

Shaniera Akram also shared her views as, “Electrocution, drowning, irreversible damage to property, poisoning, cross contamination, hepatitis, dysentery, typhoid, risk of polio outbreak, not to mention the diseases associated with mosquito infestation like dengue and malaria! How is Karachi not in a state of emergency??.”

Urwa Hocane said in her tweet, “No doubt the government didn’t care about the city but did we ! time to stop complaining & do something on our own & fix atleast our own colony issues in Karachi ! We can’t even stop throwing the garbage everywhere we like. Gov doesn’t have a magic wand!”

She added, “It’s the people who have to work hand in hand with the gov ! How many of you can come up with a solution. Why don’t we start somewhere . Sab kuch government ka kaam nahi hota. Khud bhi kuch sochein, haath pey haath rakh k baithnay k ilawa !”

Then Ayesha Omer shared her views on twitter, “With the videos I’m seeing, the stories I’m hearing, its a National Emergency situation. People are homeless, stuck on the streets, or being swept away. Are there relief packages being prepared? Is help coming? When?”

The Mere Pas Tum Ho actress Ayeza Khan also posted on her Instagram story where she said, “stay safe everyone”.

Also, Asim Jofa the well-known designer posted a video on twitter of Phase 5 DHA in which the devasted condition in the city can clearly be seen.

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