Toyota Corolla Cross, Rush and Prius prices increased by 18-21%


Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has raised the prices of its Complete Built Up (CBU) units. Toyota has released a statement stating that due to the recent increase in Regulatory Duty (RD) on imported CBU cars, it had no choice but to pass the price hike on to consumers.

This is Toyota IMC’s second price hike, following a price increase for all CBUs in January, citing the same reason – increased RD and Federal Excise Duty (FED).

As a result, the cost of its automobiles has risen to Rs. 2.28 million (for the Prius).

Prius, Corolla Cross, and Rush are among the models impacted with the current price hike, with each vehicle costing more than Rs. 1.1 million.

Corolla Cross

The company changed all Corolla Cross variants prices, including the 1.8L, which was originally priced at Rs. 9,249,000. After a price increase of Rs. 1,930,000, it will now be sold for Rs. 11,179,000.

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The Smart 1.8L variant’s pricing has increased by Rs. 2,090,000 and will now cost Rs. 11,959,000, up from Rs. 9,869,000 previously.

After a Rs. 2,140,000 increases, the fully loaded 1.8L Corolla Cross Premium now costs Rs. 12,249,000 (up from Rs. 10,109,000).

Toyota Rush

Rush is available in two variants. The first model, the GMT 1.5L, has seen a price increase of Rs. 1,110,000, bringing the total price to Rs. 7,329,000. It was previously available for Rs. 6,219,000.

The other 1.5L variant will be sold for Rs. 7,619,000. The Rush 1.5L saw an increase of Rs. 1,160,000. The vehicle was previously available at Rs. 6,459,000.


Prius is available in only one model, which originally cost Rs. 11,109,000. It will now be offered for Rs. 13,389,000 after a huge price increase of Rs. 2,280,000.

Toyota stated that the higher prices will be applied to all new orders beginning on March 4th. Meanwhile, by the 4th of March, the current prices will apply to all full payments/GTG orders in the system.

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