Toyota car prices go up in Pakistan after govt imposes taxes

Toyota car prices

With mini budget passed and increased FED by the government, it is obvious to face another hike in car prices. With the new FED, Toyota Pakistan also increases its car prices.

Toyota Corolla

All Toyota Corolla models now have a 5% FED, and their new prices are as follows:

Corolla 1.6L M/T                                  Rs. 3,380,000               up by Rs. 81,000

Corolla 1.6L A/T                                   Rs. 3,534,000              up by Rs. 85,000

Corolla 1.6L A/T (SE)                           Rs. 3,892,000               up by Rs. 93,000

Corolla 1.8L CVT                                  Rs. 3,872,000               up by Rs. 93,000

Corolla 1.8L Grande CVT                    Rs. 4,179,000               up by Rs. 100,000

Corolla 1.8L Grande CVT Black Interior    Rs. 4,199,000               up by Rs. 100,000

Toyota Yaris

Four 1.3L Toyota Yaris variants now have 2.5 percent FED, while the two 1.5L variants have 5 percent FED under the mini-budget. The following are the new Yaris prices:

Yaris 1.3L GLi M/T                                Rs. 2,612,000               up by Rs. 63,000

Yaris 1.3L ATIV M/T                             Rs. 2,745,000               up by Rs. 66,000

Yaris 1.3L GLi CVT                                Rs. 2,817,000               up by Rs. 68,000

Yaris 1.3L ATIV CVT                             Rs. 2,919,000               up by Rs. 70,000

Yaris 1.5L ATIV X M/T                         Rs. 2,970,000               up by Rs. 71,000

Yaris 1.5L ATIV X CVT                          Rs. 3,175,000               up by Rs. 76,000

Toyota Hilux Revo

All Toyota Revo models now have a 10% FED, and their new car prices are as follows:

Revo G M/T                                         Rs. 6,947,000               up by Rs. 158,000

Revo G A/T                                          Rs. 7,306,000               up by Rs. 167,000

Revo V A/T                                          Rs. 8,030,000               up by Rs. 181,000

Revo Rocco                                         Rs. 8,472,000               up by Rs. 193,000

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Toyota Fortuner

All Toyota Fortuner variants have a 10% FED, and their new prices are as follows:

Fortuner G                                          Rs. 8,569,000                  up by Rs. 390,000

Fortuner V                                          Rs. 9,941,000                  up by Rs. 452,000

Fortuner S                                          Rs. 10,392,000               up by Rs. 473,000

Fortuner Legender                           Rs. 10,842,000               up by Rs. 493,000

Terms and Conditions Set by Toyota

  • The new prices will apply to all existing orders in the system as of January 15, 2022, as well as all new orders placed on or after January 16, 2022.
  • Beginning January 16, 2022, the revised Toyota car prices will be applied to all bills.
  • Prices are per unit, ex-factory Karachi, including 17% Sales Tax, applicable FED, and Dealer’s Commission.
  • Any price changes resulting from changes in government taxes (including the Federal Reserve), tariffs, fiscal policies, import policies, and other factors would be borne by the customer.
  • The prices listed above are indicative and subject to change without notice. Prices will be final at the time of delivery.
  • The prices do not include transportation, transit insurance, or other fees that will be paid by consumers at predetermined rates.
  • The prices do not include advance income tax/WHT, which will be paid by clients based on the applicable tax rates for filers and non-filers as set forth in the Income Tax Ordinance.
  • All customer orders are subject to the PBO (Provisional Booking Order Form) and its terms and restrictions.

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