Rawalpindi jalsa: Imran Khan announces to quit all assemblies

Imran Khan announces to quit all assemblies

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan reaches Rawalpindi today to address ‘Haqeeqi Azadi March’ where Party workers have converged from all parts of the country to upheave the spirit of party’s power show. Imran Khan landed at the Nur Khan Air base in a chartered plane from Lahore and was accompanied by a team of doctors and his nephew Ahmad Khan Niazi. From there Imran Khan went to a helipad to travel to Rawalpindi and later arrived at Barani University helipad.

Venue for today’s gathering has been shifted from Faizabad to Rehmanabad at Murree Road as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf got permission for the public gathering in garrison city on Friday. This is for the first time that Imran Khan is addressing a public gathering after being injured in a gun attack earlier this month in Wazirabad.

“When I was leaving for Rawalpindi from Lahore, everyone advised me against travelling due to wound in my leg”, the former Prime Minister said at the start of his address. Moreover, Imran Khan stated that his aides warned him not to address the public gathering in Rawalpindi as “three culprits holding top portfolio will attempt again to kill me”, said Imran Khan.

Imran Khan was asked by Federal government on Friday to postpone party’s political gathering due to security threats and reports received from intelligence agencies. Interior minister Rana Sanaullah addressed a news conference after chairing a meeting at interior ministers and he said, “I advise Imran Khan to postpone the useless gathering as intelligence agencies have informed the government about a red alert as any terrorist or terror organisation can exploit the situation and target the gathering”.

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Imran Khan on the other hand, despite knowing all the potential threats came out to address ‘Haqeeqi Azadi march’. Convoys of PTI leaders, workers and supporters made their way to Rawalpindi on Saturday for the ‘climax’ of Haqeeqi Azadi.

“Many Prime Ministers come and go but public never came out in such large number like they gathered here for me”, Party’s chairman said while addressing to such huge crowd.

PTi Decided to Quit from Provincial Assemblies

The deposed premier stated that purpose of this Haqeeqi Azadi March is to force the government to announce early elections. He added that the party has decided to quit all legislative assemblies in the county in a bid to force the incumbent rulers to announce early elections. “We will not remain part of this corrupt system. We have decided to quit all legislative assemblies” he announced.

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