Ali Muhammad Khan, PTI Stalwart, Faces Re-Arrest Amidst Corruption Allegations

Ali Muhammad Khan, PTI Stalwart, Faces Re-Arrest Amidst Corruption Allegations

In a dramatic turn of events, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) figurehead Ali Muhammad Khan faced another arrest on Friday, immediately following his release as ordered by the Peshawar High Court (PHC) just the previous day. Khan was detained once more under corruption allegations, subsequently being moved to Toru police station, according to his legal counsel. 

The preceding day saw the PHC mandate Khan’s release after considering a petition against his detention under Section 3 of the Maintenance of Public Order (MPO). This arrest was a response to nationwide protests initiated on May 9 in the wake of the arrest of the PTI leader. While the court approved Khan’s release in relation to terrorism charges, it was noted that he could be taken into custody again if implicated in additional cases. 

Ali Muhammad Khan, who once served as the minister of state, was promptly apprehended once more as he exited the court building. His track record now boasts of five separate arrests concerning distinct charges. 

Upon his court appearance earlier, Khan interacted with the press, advocating his party’s firm belief in peaceful political pursuits and adherence to law and order. Despite the charges against him, Khan expressed optimism, positing that ultimately “the rule of law will triumph”. 

Speaking on the nationwide protests of May 9, Khan proposed that those involved should face justice. However, he criticized the collective indictment of the entire PTI, calling it an unjust act. Asserting the party’s widespread appeal, he condemned the May 9 offenders but stated his regret over the events being exploited to discredit PTI, a move he found to be “unjustifiable”. 

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Ali Muhammad Khan further expressed his firm belief in the PTI’s ability to form the next government, reminding that the party was “the fruit of a two-year-long struggle”. 

In the aftermath of the May 9 events and the PTI leader’s arrest on graft charges, several PTI lawmakers have cut ties with the party. Accusations were made blaming the party’s leader for the resultant nationwide riots during which government and military facilities were targeted and damaged, including the GHQ and Lahore corps commander’s residence. 

In a noteworthy development, nearly 100 former PTI members from both the national and provincial assemblies have migrated to the recently formed Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party, allying themselves with veteran politician Jahangir Khan Tareen. 

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