Imran’s Toshakhana sentence suspended but detention at Attock Jail to continue in cipher case

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The three-year period imposed on PTI Chairman Imran Khan in the Toshakhana case was suspended by the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

However, the Attock Jail administration, where the former premier is being held, has been instructed to put Imran in “judicial lockup” and to present him in connection with the cipher case on August 30 by a special court newly constituted to hear cases under the Official Secrets Act.

Special Court Judge Abual Hasnat Muhammad Zulqarnain stated in a letter to the superintendent of the Attock jail that “That accused Imran Khan Niazi s/o Ikramullah Khan Niazi r/o Zaman Park, Lahore is hereby ordered for judicial remand in case FIR mentioned above, who is already detained in district jail, Attock.”

The diplomatic document that allegedly lost from Imran’s possession is the subject of the cipher case. According to the PTI, it contained a US threat to depose Imran from office. Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the vice chairman of the PTI and a former foreign minister, is also facing legal action in the same matter.

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PTI Demands Imran’s Release Today

The PTI asked that Imran be released from jail today in response to the news.

“The high court has satisfied the requirements of justice,” PTI Barrister Ali Zafar stated.
The Toshakhana case had no merits, and the trial judge disallowed Imran from calling witnesses to support his defense. “There is no greater example of a mistrial if witnesses in one’s defense are not permitted.” He went on to say that the punishment had merely been suspended at this time.

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