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Petrol prices in Pakistan to remain same in March

Petrol prices in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected a suggestion by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority to raise petrol prices in Pakistan, according to Shahbaz Gill, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication.

OGRA proposed to increase petrol prices in Pakistan of petroleum products from about Rs6-7 per litre. Prime Minister Imran Khan did not accept this proposal. There has been no increase in the prices of petroleum products. Despite the continuous rise in the prices of petroleum products in the world market, the prime minister did not allow it.” Tweeted by Shahbaz Gill.

According to the document shared by SAPM on Political Communication, the OGRA had made the following suggestions:

Petrol: Rs. 118.12 after an increase of Rs. 6.22

High speed diesel: Rs. 122.90 after an increase of Rs. 6.82

Kerosene: Rs. 86.56 after an increase of Rs. 6.37

Light diesel oil: Rs. 79.23 after an increase of Rs. 5.78

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Prices would have come into effect on March 1st. Petroleum oil prices will remain unchanged for the next 15 days.

OGRA had also suggested a price hike earlier this month, but the prime minister had rejected it. The decision marked a split from the previous five fortnights of constant price increases. This was despite a rise in international oil prices over the last 15 days.

The government has been tinkering with petroleum levy rates instead of GST over the last few months since the levy stays in the federal reserves, while GST goes to the divisible pool taxes, giving the provinces a 57 percent share.

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Meanwhile, these are the petroleum prices for next 15 days:

Product & Price w.e.f March 1

Petrol Rs. 111.90

High Speed Diesel Rs. 116.08

Kerosene Rs. 80.19

Light Diesel Oil Rs. 79.23    

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