Pakistan confirms spread of UK variant COVID

Covid wave

Pakistan has confirmed the spread of the UK variant COVID in the country, now among 92 countries worldwide to have this strain. 

The federal government has claimed that the country contains the UK strain of Covid-19 that is being spread. Now the government is urging to follow standard operating procedures and go for vaccination. In the past 24 hours, 33 deaths have occurred and the total number of patients since the first covid case was reported has reached 578,797, with a total positivity rate of 6.49 percent. Also, total 12,837 people have died of the contagious virus.  

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) states, “The new strain is being seen across the world and continues to be detected in samples in Pakistan. While this strain does not cause more severe disease, there is evidence that its transmission is faster,”  

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It adds, “This highlights the need to continue following prescribed standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines issued by the government and to get vaccinated when your turn comes. The ministry is continuously monitoring the situation through a robust surveillance system,”  

Moreover, as per the statement of the NHS Ministry, he said that most of the UK variant COVID cases were found among people returning from overseas countries. He said that NIH had been given the responsibility of testing a proportion of all positive samples to identify cases of the new strain. 

The spokesperson of the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) also said that people should ignore the rumors and they all should be vaccinated in order to achieve the target of herd immunity. 

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He further said that healthcare workers and citizens above the age of 60 years can be inoculated as registrations are opened. He added that the country will also be vaccinated under Covax in the very first week of March and later proper vaccination will take place within a few days.  

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