Pakistan to lift COVID lockdown from Monday and open all businesses

Pakistan lift COVID lockdown

Pakistan to formally lift COVID lockdown and open up all businesses from Monday as the pandemic had been controlled to a great extent.

On Thursday, Asad Umar Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives said that all dine-in restaurants, beauty salons, and all closed activities will be resumed from 10th August 2020 in Pakistan.

Almost all activities have already been resumed and mainly dine-in restaurants and beauty salons were left which will also be reopened from Monday.

Sports and games would also be allowed to resume and no audience will be allowed and traveling on public transport is also permitted but extra passengers in transport vehicles will not be allowed. All beauty salons and exhibition centers or shrines are allowed to get opened but under the following of SOPs.

However, educational institutions are also left which will be opened from 15th September. Teachers, administration and management have been called to institutions for setting up shools before their formal opening. In the meeting of National Coordination Committee (NCC) Asad Umar said, “the COVID-19 pandemic had been controlled to a great extent due to the effective strategy of the government institutions, untiring efforts of doctors and paramedical staff and cooperation of the people,”

Pakistan lift lockdown after successfully controlling COVID spread

Mr. Asad Umar said that people highly cooperated and played the real hero’s role in defeating the pandemic as everyone strictly followed standard operating procedures to stop the spread of the virus. He also said that the strategy of a smart lockdown adopted by Pakistan was appreciated by the other countries, the UN, WHO and international media and they were also learning from its experience.

He also told, “The hospitality sector, restaurants, cafes… a lot of people work in this sector and they were facing a lot of hardship. So outdoor and indoor establishments will reopen on Monday, August 10. However, restrictions on passengers in trains and airplanes were to continue until September. Passengers will be able to travel on the airplanes in a normal manner from October 1”.

In an international magazine, the Philippines was advised to look at Pakistan’s coronavirus measure to control the spread of the virus.

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