PM Imran efforts very effective in handling COVID-19, Wall Street Journal

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American renowned newspaper Wall Street Journal has greatly appreciated the efforts of the present government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan to reduce the Covid-19 cases in Pakistan.

In spite of the limited resources, the big challenge of COVID-19 was handled in a high admirable way. WSJ has also admired the Army for playing a vital role.

According to the newspaper, there had been a reduction of the newly reported cases of the corona, and deaths have been declined by around 80 percent as compared to the previous 2 months. The corona wards of big hospitals of major cities including Karachi are being vacated. The number of serious patients who are being sent to ventilators has also been halved. The number of corona patients has become considerably low as compared to the eastern and western neighbors, India, and Iran.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, Prime Minister Imran Khan had opposed the suggestion of complete lockdown to stop Covid-19 spread, propounded by the World Health Organization, and decided to open the economy gradually.

PM’s special assistant on national health services Faisal Sultan told that instead of opting for complete lockdown and opening the economy fully, the government of Pakistan adopted the middle way. The government opted for the policy of smart lockdown in the areas where the virus was intensified.

According to John Hopkins University, the reported cases of coronavirus in Pakistan so far are 281,136 and the death toll is 6,014. The population of Pakistan and Brazil is equal and the reported case of coronavirus in Brazil so far is 2.8 million and the death toll is 96,326 which is the second-highest only after the United States.

Faisal Sultan has however said that this is not the complete success rather effective planning of future is the need of time.

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