COVID-19 GLOBAL UPDATE: Total cases cross 10m, death toll reaches 500,000

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The global Covid-19 cases have crossed the 10 million mark while the death toll is about to reach 500,000 number since it surfaced in China late last year.

Coronavirus threat is still gripping the world with all its might and with cases rapidly rising and movements curtailed, the ongoing recession is expected to become deeper than expected.

In the last 5-6 months, the global death toll has reached half a million and the total Covid-19 cases have just touched 10 million. The number of seriously affected people worldwide is 57,701 while those who recovered from this virus are 5,414,646.


The President of Honduras also became the victim of the corona.

The UAE government has permitted its citizens and those living there, to travel abroad conditionally.

In India, the total cases have crossed the 500,000 mark.

Thousands of doctors and paramedical staff in France protested for increasing salaries as the country’s health system has badly been disturbed due to the pandemic.

In Pakistan, the death tally has crossed 4000.

The sacred religious places have been reopened in Iran after the closure of about two months.

The Chinese government is taking emergency steps after the outbreak of the second wave of virus. Beijing has reduced the number of flights to a great extent.

South Korea, in the last 24 hours, reported cases in double digits as what is being seen as a second wave of coronavirus.

Columbian President Ivan Duque called its neighbor Venezuela a “public health time bomb” after their uncontrollable surge.

The approval for the experiment of another medicine against the coronavirus has been given in Germany.

The United States makes the highest global covid-19 cases. The US registered the largest single day increase in coronavirus cases since the virus originated with over 40,800 new cases on Friday.


In the USA, 2,577,368 cases of corona have been registered so far, 127,948 people died there and those who recovered are 1,071,393.

In Brazil, 1,280,054 corona patients have been registered, the number of deaths there is 56,109 and the people who recovered from coronavirus are 697,526.

627,646 patients of corona have been registered in Russia while 8,969 people died and the number of recoveries here is 393,352

In India, the total number of corona affected registered people are 511,478 and those who died so far are 15,731 and the number of fortunate people who came out of this lethal problem is 297,013.

In Pakistan, the total people infected with the virus are 198,883 and so far 4,035 have died and the total recovered cases are 86,906.

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