Coronavirus spread being controlled in Islamabad: Capital admin


Islamabad administration reported that the coronavirus spread is controlled as less than 400 new cases are reported which were double before imposing the smart lockdown.

There had been more than 750 new cases reported daily a day before a week ago but now cases have been controlled to less than 400 new cases every day in the lockdown hotspots. The highest number of coronavirus new cases were reported on 14th June with 771 new patients, the next day the reported cases were 635 new cases, and after which it did not cross 400 new cases daily.

Islamabad reported 288 cases on June 16, 385 on June 17, 395 on June 18, 304 on June 19, 338 on June 20, 383 on June 31, 250 on June 22, 307 on June 23 and 264 on June 24, they said. There were also three deaths reported on June 14, five on June 15, seven on June 16, four on June 17, one on June 18, three each on June 20 and 21, five on June 22, two on June 23, and seven on June 24.

Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad said that the administration worked very hard to bring down the newly reported cases and curtail the spread of coronavirus that is now being controlled to a greater extent which were at first looking like an uncontrollable spread. He further said that new cases reported had reached 600-700 that has been lessened to 400 by the smart lockdown and adhering to standard operating procedures made a big difference.

Two sub-sectors were sealed, G-9 on 13th June and 1-8, and I-10 were sealed on 18th June and most recently the administration decided to seal sectors G-6/1, G-6/2, G-7/2, and G-10/4 which will further bring down the coronavirus spread in Islamabad.

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