Easing restrictions came out to be a disaster for the country

Easing restrictions

Within 4 days of reopening of lockdown and easing restrictions from 11th May, cases of coronavirus have surged to 37,218 on 14th May.

Approximately 1570 people are diagnosed daily from Monday till today. Just today, the nationwide total death toll due to coronavirus has reached 803 with 33 new deaths reported during the last twenty four hours. The total cases has soared to 37,218 with 1,430 new cases reported during the last twenty-four hours. A total of 10,155 patients have so far recovered from the virus.

Punjab is the most effective province of Pakistan where 13,914 total cases have been reported and Sindh has 14,099 cases. The number of effective patients has reached the extent that the United Nations has named Pakistan among 10 countries due to the prediction that deaths from preventable diseases in children below the age of 5 years could ascend by probably 45 percent in the next 6 months as the COVID-19 could divert inadequate health resources.

With easing restrictions, people have been observed rushing to bazaars for Eid shopping although designers did not launch their eid collection this time. Overcrowded market places and people’s violation of government’s SOPs are the major reasons behind the rapid increase of coronavirus cases.

Moreover, southeastern farmers are extremely suffering from the impending locust attack because this is the season when crops of cotton, sugarcane, and rice and fruits or vegetables are being sown which are ready to be picked is a bigger problem than the COVID-19.

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