People must not use anti-viral medicines without prescription


Experts are prohibiting the use of anti-viral medicines without doctors’ prescriptions as they are seeing unusual and fraudulent prescribing activity.

According to Dr. Mahmood Shaukat Corona Expert Advisory Group (CEAG) chairman, no one should use drugs without the doctors’ prescription. On Monday he said, “This medicine (Actemra) is only to be used in specific conditions because there is no theoretical and academic background of its usage for the cure of coronavirus patients,”

He further said that the use of anti-viral drugs without doctors’ prescriptions can even give side effects. As the precautionary measures have taken but deaths may increase if peoples keep on using anti-viral medicines like Dexamethasone. If the doctor does not recommend it, the use of it can be highly harmful.

Professor Mahmood Shaukat said, “There is no rule of thumb and we have to think according to our own demographic realities. We have the capacity of testing 12,000 persons for the province of 12 crore people. Now we have to decide how to use these 12 thousand efficiently,” he said, and added, “If we do random sampling of 12,000 people, we might identify 200 Covid-19 cases. It all depends on our resources.”

The random sampling in the cities in going but after assessing the level of infection transmission, it would be later decided whether to end or prolong the smart lockdown in selective cities of Punjab.

He also said that there are still 153 ventilators in Lahore. So, the patients are advised to contact 1122 for medical assistance because they will take you to the hospital where ventilators are still available.

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