Pakistan makes wearing masks in public mandatory

wearing masks

Wearing masks in public during coronavirus pandemic has been made mandatory by the government of Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special assistant on health said Saturday.

Dr. Zafar Mirza the Prime minister’s special assistant on health said that wearing masks is now mandatory for the whole nation, decisions taken by the government. This step has taken because people are getting exposed to crowded places and no following of SOPs are being observed among the public in market places or Public transport.

“It is no more an option…not your wish…you should use it. As local transmissions of the coronavirus are now at 92%.”, added Dr. Mirza.

These orders especially are to followed by public transport because the condition is getting out of hand in an under-developed country like Pakistan.

Further, he expressed the disappointment towards the carelessness and irresponsible behavior of the public. He pleaded the whole nation by advising to follow the government’s SOPs by wearing masks as it’s no longer an option.

He said further orders will also be given to how and which masks to wear.

“Wherever you think social distancing is not appropriate or the place is crowded, then it is mandatory to wear a mask there,” The special assistant on health said. “We are talking about a surgical mask. It could be a cloth mask.”

“The biggest difference is that this year we will not greet each other with hugs and will maintain distance. Like we said before, try converting your homes into mosques and pray at home” Mirza said.

Children and adults more than 50 years of age are strictly prohibited to go Mosques.

Today, Pakistan reported the highest number of death and positive cases in the last 24 hours that are more than 78 new deaths reported, with 2,429 news cases reported in the country.

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