Countries With The Cheapest Internet In The World 

Cheapest Internet Countries In The World

The internet has connected the world and made it a global village. The world has become a world wide web. A person can talk to another person who is sitting thousands of miles away from him by just a single click. Internet has made the lives of many people easy. It has the potential to transform the world into something which is globalized and interconnected like never before, however, this blessing of Internet costs a lot of money in different countries. Though some of the countries provide with the cheapest Internet connections to the users. In this blog, we are going to discuss about all those countries which provide the cheapest Internet do its users widely.  

If you were someone who is working on a remote Job are pursuing a career as a digital person, then the Internet speed, and the cost of Internet turned out to be the most important factors in choosing your fate. 

A study was conducted, and the data was collected from almost 4000 line broadband deals across 220 countries between the 19th of January and 30 March 2022. To assist the study a number of other packages in each country was looked upon before finding the average cost of Internet package monthly.

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10 Cheapest Internet Countries In The World

10 countries with the cheapest internet are: 

  1. Syria  
  2. Sudan 
  3. Belarus  
  4. Ukraine  
  5. Russia  
  6. Moldova  
  7. Mongolia  
  8. Romania  
  9. Turkey  
  10. Kazakhstan  

Therefore, these are the 10 countries, having cheapest Internet around the world. It is shocking to see Syria at the top of the list with an average monthly cost of $2.15 per month. Among the 15 independent states that were once a part of Soviet republics, five of them are among the cheapest Internet, providing countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Kazakhstan. 

Whereas, the most developed countries of the world are absent from the list.  

10 Most Expensive Internet Countries

10 countries with the most expensive internet are: 

  1. Burundi  
  2. Sierra Leone  
  3. Brunei 
  4. British Virgin Islands 
  5. Turks and Caicos Island 
  6. Benin 
  7. Haiti        
  8. Suriname 
  9. Vanuatu 
  10. Cayman Island 

Among the countries having most expensive Internet Burundi is on the top of the list with an average monthly price of $429.95 per month.  

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United States of America has an average monthly cost of around $55 while the UK has an average internet cost of $29.66. 

Region By Region Internet Providers 

Now we are going to discuss region by region the cheapest Internet providers in the world. First of all we are going to look upon European region. 

Cheapest Internet in European Region

10 countries with the cheapest internet in European region are: 

  1. Belarus 
  2. Ukraine  
  3. Russia  
  4. Moldova  
  5. Romania  
  6. Bulgaria  
  7. Lithuania  
  8. Georgia  
  9. Armenia  
  10. Azerbaijan  

Cheapest Internet in Asian Region

10 countries with the cheapest internet in Asian region are: 

  1. Mongolia 
  2. Kazakhstan  
  3. Iran  
  4. Vietnam  
  5. Kyrgyzstan 
  6. Nepal 
  7. Uzbekistan  
  8. Sri Lanka  
  9. Tajikistan  
  10. India  

Cheapest Internet in American Region

10 countries with the cheapest internet in American region are: 

  1. Mexico  
  2. Columbia  
  3. Argentina  
  4. Paraguay  
  5. Cuba  
  6. Brazil  
  7. Peru 
  8. Chile 
  9. Ecuador  
  10. Grenada  

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Cheapest Internet in African Region

10 countries with the cheapest internet in African region are: 

  1. Sudan 
  2. Tunisia  
  3. Egypt  
  4. Libya  
  5. Democratic Republic of Congo  
  6. Algeria  
  7. Lesotho  
  8. Morocco  
  9. Ethiopia  
  10. Liberia  

Cheapest Internet in the Middle Eastern Region

10 countries with the cheapest internet in Middle Eastern region are: 

  1. Syria  
  2. Turkey  
  3. Palestinian territories  
  4. Iraq  
  5. Israel  
  6. Yemen 
  7. Jordan  
  8. Lebanon  
  9. Kuwait 
  10. Bahrain 


The table below ranks top 50 countries by their cheapest monthly available broadband package.  

Rank Name Per package 
Syria US$2.15 
Sudan US$4.80 
Belarus US$7.39 
Ukraine US$7.40 
Russia US$8.07 
Moldova US$8.21 
Mongolia US$8.80 
Romania US$9.00 
Turkey US$9.32 
10 Kazakhstan US$9.46 
11 Iran US$10.46 
12 Bulgaria US$10.67 
13 Vietnam US$10.81 
14 Kyrgyzstan US$10.97 
15 Lithuania US$11.13 
16 Nepal US$11.70 
17 Georgia US$11.78 
18 Armenia US$13.16 
19 Uzbekistan US$14.38 
20 Tunisia US$14.79 
21 Sri Lanka US$14.99 
22 Azerbaijan US$15.00 
23 Kosovo US$15.01 
24 Hungary US$15.06 
25 Tajikistan US$15.38 
26 India US$15.59 
27 Serbia US$16.45 
28 Slovakia US$16.69 
29 Egypt US$16.67 
30 Libya US$17.12 
31 Poland US$17.23 
32 Bangladesh US$17.40 
33 DR Congo US$17.50 
34 Thailand US$17.68 
35 Mexico US$17.82 
36 Latvia US$18.08 
37 Pakistan US$18.14 
38 Algeria US$18.21 
39 Albania US$18.35 
40 Lesotho US$19.05 
41 North Macedonia US$19.69 
42 Colombia US$20.75 
43 Argentina US$20.92 
44 Bhutan US$21.00 
45 Paraguay US$21.56 
46 Cuba US$21.68 
47 Afghanistan US$22.60 
48 Bosnia & Herz US$22.64 
49 Czechia US$22.74 
50 Croatia US$23.37 

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Therefore, it was a list of almost Top 50 countries of the world with the cheapest Internet connection. It is good to see Pakistan on 37th position. However, it still needs to be improved for the collective good. The internet has turned the world into an ever connected and never ending web of networks. Therefore, it would be of great use to Pakistan as a developing country as it can provide people of rural as well as urban areas with a lot of financial and economic opportunities which can lead the country towards progress and help it to be a part of world economy virtually. 

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