Best Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast

Gain Weight Fast

Weight gaining is not an easy process and it is a difficult process as the weight loss. The underweight and weak fragile body is a very common problem nowadays. It weakens the immune system of the body and increases the risk of contracting diseases. So one should be not underweight and gain weight fast with these healthy foods to avoid different health problems.

One can gain weight by adding simple foods to their daily diet plan. Plus, exercises can be part of the daily routine to gain weight. Weight gaining tactics will be highlighted here which will be fruitful for the people who want to put on some extra weight.

Intake of high proteins in daily routine plays a vital role in adding mass. High proteins can be taken through the combination of banana, chocolate, and peanuts. They are super rich with proteins. Vanilla berry shake can also be prepared for protein intake, as it contains berries, yogurt, and vanilla. Moreover, chocolate hazelnut shake, caramel apple shake, vanilla blueberry shake, and super green shake also are perfect protein intakes.

Apparently, the intake of milk in daily routine is another easy way to gain a few kilos. Milk contains proteins, fats, and carbs in rich amounts. Also, it provides calcium, vitamins, and minerals to the body which are essential for strengthening the bones of the body. Milk will not only help you put on some extra ounces, but it will also strengthen the body. Drinking 1 or 2 glass of milk and eat different dairy products daily for maintaining a healthy and well-balanced life.

Furthermore, the intake of low-cost carb also helps an individual in gaining weight. Rice is one of the sources to gain weight fast. Almost, 1 cup of rice contains 190 calories. So, one has easy access to a large number of calories and it is easy to cook. One can almost eat any kind of dish with a bowl of rice.

Other than the rice and milk, nuts and nut butter also provide support to strengthen the body and helps in gaining weight. They are protein-rich and are the dense sources to gain calories. So, one can add nuts to any sweet dish or yogurt to make it part of the daily diet plan. Winter season has many varieties of different nuts, so eat plenty of dry fruits as a part of the daily diet.

The strength of the body muscles also increases the bodyweight. The strength of the muscles is possible through consuming red meats. Red meat contains leucine that helps the body muscles to stimulate the body and helps to build new muscle tissue in the body. Hence, one should add red meat to the diet plan and eat plenty of it daily.

It is observed that potatoes play a vital role in increasing body weight. It is the easiest way to gain the weight as one can eat many delicious potato dishes in daily routine by simply boiling the potatoes or by making french fries.

The Best Healthful Foods to Gain Weight Fast

1. Homemade protein smoothies

You have complete control over the ingredients when you make your own smoothies, which can also help you increase calories. These are some of the best smoothie combinations,

  • Chocolate banana nut shake
  • Vanilla berry shake 
  • Super green shake

2. Dairy milk

Since decades, people have utilized dairy milk to increase weight or build muscle.

In addition to being a healthy source of calcium and other vitamins and minerals, it offers a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Milk is a fantastic source of casein and whey proteins if you’re wanting to gain muscle mass.
Compared to other protein sources, milk, or whey and casein protein combined, may contribute to greater mass gain.

3. Rice

Rice is an useful, inexpensive food source that can be included in a diet for weight gain. Additionally, rice has a large amount of calories per serving, so you can get a lot of calories and carbs from one meal. This encourages you to eat more, especially if you don’t feel particularly hungry or are easily satisfied.

You can mix 2-minute packs of microwaveable rice with other protein sources if you’re tight on time. Stirring a few of these ingredients into cooked rice is the simplest method to increase flavor, calories, and protein:

Cheese Parmesan with butter
Scrambled eggs 
Broccoli and cheese
Toasted sesame, peanut, or cashew nuts

Additionally, you can drip a sauce over rice, like:

4. Red meats

Red meat is a fantastic source of protein that, when combined with weight training, may help you grow muscle. Leucine, an amino acid found in it, aids in promoting the production of muscle protein. Meat with a higher fat content has more calories.
Natural sources of dietary creatine, which is essential for promoting general muscle growth, size, strength, and health, can be found in red meat.

5. Potatoes and complex carbohydrates

An inexpensive option to gain more calories is with potatoes and other complex carbohydrates. The power that’s released from complex carbs can be released gradually. Additionally, they offer various food groups and extra nutrients like potassium, fiber, veggies, or whole grains.
Pick one of these sources of complex carbohydrates:
Sweet potatoes 
Potatoes, and corn
Winter root vegetables
Legumes and beans

6. Protein Supplements

protein-rich foods
A frequent tactic used by athletes and bodybuilders who wish to put on weight and develop muscle is taking a protein supplement. There are numerous varieties of protein supplements on the market, such as:


When paired with strength training, whey protein supplements and mass gainers (supplements that may help you gain muscle mass) can be efficient weight-gaining methods.

How many pounds should I gain in a week?

There is no ideal or undesirable weight gain within a given week. Before attempting to gain weight, it can be a good idea to consult a doctor or certified nutritionist. Any topic you should think about to increase your weight gain safely and effectively can be discussed.

Which fruit is best for weight gain?

No particular fruit is the “best” for gaining weight. Fruit, on the other hand, may be a delicious, handy, and nutrient-rich source of carbs that is a perfect complement to any diet for weight gain. If nut butter containing lipids is spread on fruit, calories may increase.

What foods are best for gaining weight?

The foods that promote weight gain are those that provide both necessary nutrients and calories. These foods typically include whole-milk dairy products, fats and oils, complex carbs, and protein from plants or animals.

However, the foods that comprise your weight gain eating plan depend on your individual preferences, cultural food customs, financial constraints, and specific weight and health goals.

How do you eat 4,000 calories a day?

  1. Eat Smaller Meals Throughout The Day.
  2. Opt For Nutrient-Dense Foods.
  3. Drink More Smoothies And Shakes.
  4. Snack More.
  5. Top Up Your Meals.

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