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E-Health Technology and the Transforming Health Sector

E-Health Technology

In the evolving era of technology, E-health is the inevitable progress in providing health services at a local level and global level. E-health technology is a direct source to expand healthcare services through internet communication technology with complete information. In simple means, it is composed of electronic health data exchange like Telehealth or Telemedicine. It is providing a vital role in global healthcare action because it is the simplest way to transfer high-quality health care and health resources electronically.

According to the World Health Organization, E-health helps health professionals and health consumers to deliver health information through the Internet and telecommunication services. WHO also states that the E-health also improves public health through the sources of e-commerce and the power of the IT. It directly improves public health because the training of health workers will be conducted through proper education. All E-health interventions are based on scientific researches and assessment which means that E-health interventions are evidence-based.

In the management of the health systems, the use of e-commerce and e-business is frequent to promote health care systems around the world. With the growing use of electronic technology, the use of E-health is also growing in various fields. Like, the E-health is applicable to Medical and health care management, health education, strategic health planning, medical education and training, patient care and support, preventive healthcare services, provision of health services, knowledge-based services in the medical field, electronic medical record, telemedicine communication, evidence-based medicine, machine learning and data analysis of global pandemics, epidemiological surveillance, and geographic information systems.

E-health technology ensures the provision of many benefits. At top priority, e-health reduces the cost by improving the efficiency of providing and treating people remotely. E-health reduces the cost because it provides the way of communication between the health care institutions and patients by avoiding physical meetings. It not only improves efficiency but also improves the quality of services. In improving the quality of services, it improves health care by focusing on quality assurance. At last, achieve the level of satisfaction from the patient.

Other than the above, E-health through the use of electronic devices, empowers the patients to access their electronic medical information through the internet. It also plays an incredible role to promote the relationship among health experts and patients. Hence, Health experts will be able to understand their patients with ease and they can treat their patients with mutual understanding as a new corporation will be built.

Education, knowledge, and awareness are important for medical experts, healthcare experts, health consumer or patients. So, E-health provides the online platform for both the medical experts and health consumers to get information about the latest medical techniques and their application.  Also, health experts and patients will be able to communicate directly with each other consistently.

Furthermore, sharing of information by the patient to its health care expert will maintain the privacy of the patients with a complete and detailed medical case history. At last, E-health technology brakes the conservative boundaries as it provides opportunities to people to avail health services from international providers.

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