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Computer Related Health Problems

computer related health problems

We have surrounded and bounded ourselves with computers where we have made ourselves fully dependent on them and do not do a single thing without using them. We are living in an era where we are least concerned about our health rather all our focus is to get the work done. We are unaware of the consequences of excessive use of computers in our daily routine that is destroying our mental as well as physical health. Here are some computer related health problems:

Migraines and Headaches

People using computers excessively in daily routine tend to get a headache and then that leads to a migraine. This happens when a person stares at the screen excessively. This has a direct connection to your eyes that affect the brain. This causes pain and ultimately severe headache.

Bright light emitting from a computer screen causes strain. People already with migraine pain get even worse headaches when they use computers day and night especially in dark. Scott Tousley writes in his article, “The 60-Second Trick to Stop Headaches from Computer Screens at Night” that this kind of strain, “…occurs in 50% to 90% of computer workers.”

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are increased when computer screens are seen in the dark. When only the screen is illuminated with the surrounding being dark, it has the worst effect on the mind. Whether you are playing your favorite game or watching a movie; staring the bright screen in dark has a high chance of indulging you in depression and anxiety.

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

A very basic problematic posture that has been observed in people when they use mobile phones, tabs, etc. is the mending of their heads. It causes pain in their back-bone. People do not lift the mobile phone to their eyes level. This causes chronic neck and back pain at a very early age.

The excessive usage of computers is the leading cause of health problems that can even lead to blindness and dementia. Lives are incomplete without handy digital gadgets these days and, moreover, education cannot be sought without the usage of computers. People have made it a routine to check their smartphones every minute and just after opening eyes in the morning. Moreover, people use mobile to set an alarm which means they open their eyes by staring at the screen.

It is a common trend among people to use laptops, mobile phones, or any other digital device late at night which gradually affects their health. A physician was interviewed recently who said that people have stopped reading newspapers and books in hard copy rather everything is easily available through the internet. That is why people consider reading books and newspapers online.

In the last few years, computer addiction has become a norm in Pakistan. Psychiatrists have reported that many patients are mentally suffering from computer related health problems.

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