Physical Inactivity: A Barrier to Good Health

Physical Inactivity

Physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. People with a lack of physical activities face dangerous health disorders.

Physical inactiveness is a state when the body does not get the recommended level of regular physical activity and movement. That leads to obesity and overweight that has taken a place of significant public health issues with serious health problems. Increasing urbanization and modernization are increasing obesity that is directly attributed to the reduction of physical activities. More than half of the population is unaware of the importance of physical activities and this unawareness is making them have more diseases besides obesity and getting overweight.

Inactive people with less activity and less fitness are more likely to develop high blood pressure issues. Blood pressure of a less active person is the first step which later leads to diabetes type 2. And when a body has both of these diseases, they directly affect the heart and it causes coronary heart disease. Moreover, if these people are highly indulged in smoking and alcohol, the diseases get even more severe in the human body and they become high risk. On the other hand, mental issues of depression and anxiety are other factors that have a great impact on the physical being. The risk of cancer due to physical inactivity also increases.

These days, heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity are wide-spread and are even observed in the young population. The main reason behind these diseases at a young age is physical inactivity. This is the era of computer devises that do not let young people indulge in physical activities. Rather, they prefer to spend more time on computer devices by sitting for hours or by lying down for too long. Such people do not participate in physical and recreational activities. 

Office workers and long-distance travelers have other issues. Such people travel from home to the workplace through cars and they spend their whole working hours by sitting on the chair. They keep sitting for hours and later when they arrive home, they lay down. In this whole routine, they have no physical activity especially for those who have a desk-based job.

While those who do physical activity have better abilities to perform well daily. They take a sound sleep. They have improved cognitive ability and the risk of dementia is reduced. Their bones get stronger with improved musculoskeletal health.

More than half of the world’s population are not habitual of physical activities whereas if these people start physical activities, they would be getting sound sleep, along with eating a healthy diet that maintains their weight and their calories are reduced if they are suffering from obesity.

Pakistan needs to make people aware of the benefits of physical activities and the consequences of extensive usage of computer devices. Not only youth has surrounded themselves to the electronic or social media or internet but adults are also highly indulged in such activities that are in fact, not activities rather the destruction of mental as well as physical health.

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