Benefits of Health Insurance in Pakistan

Health Insurance

Health is a great blessing, but one can get ill at any time. So, to get healthy again, one needs proper medication from the hospital on time. Whenever an individual is admitted to a hospital, the patient has to pay heavy bills when discharged from the hospital. This is where health insurance comes into play. Health insurance bears all medical charges of the patient when they follow the health insurance policy.

Health insurance companies provide support to people by paying for their medication and hospital bills on time without putting patients under pressure to manage money in case of emergency. People will not have to pay heavy bills to take the required treatment; insurance will take care of that. The level and kind of support a person gets depends on the guidelines and the policy a person opts for. In some packages, the insurance companies not only bear the payments of indoor treatment, but also bear all expenses of the outdoor treatment. Therefore, it helps people to avoid the impact of the personal financial crises on healthcare.

In normal daily routine, flu, cough, and influenza are common diseases that affect most of the people, especially, during the change of season. A person with flu makes many other people infected. Many elderly people suffer from more than one disease; therefore, proper medicated treatment is required to cure these diseases which affect the monthly budget. Hence, health insurance helps to maintain the monthly budget.

A large number of insurance companies are registered with many hospitals throughout the country. The agreement of the health insurance company allows people to choose the hospital of their own choice. So, the individual will be able to get the treatment from their preferred hospital. Not only this, but an individual does not need to submit any documents to make the payment for the treatment. The billing procedure will be done by the insurance companies according to the terms.

Another benefit of health insurance is the pre-hospitalization expenses which mean health insurance companies not only bear the indoor treatment charges but also bear the pre-hospitalization charges. Pre-hospitalization expenses are those charges which hospital administration receives before the admission of the patient in the hospital. This facility by the health insurance companies is helpful for those patients who have to admit in hospital for any surgery or operation. In pre-hospitalization, the time limit to make the payment is 30 to 60 days before taking the medication from hospitals.

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Other than the pre-hospitalization, health insurance companies also bear the expenses of post-hospitalization. Post-hospitalization expenses are those expenses that hospital administration receives after the discharge of the patient from the hospital. Similar to the pre-hospitalization, the time limit to make the payment is 30 to 60 days after the discharge of the patient from the hospital.

Lots of insurance companies are providing the services of health insurance in Pakistan. Each insurance company in Pakistan offers different packages under different rules and regulations. Different packages target different people also. You can have insurance for yourself, include your spouse, include the children or include parents depending on your needs. One should have to have a detailed look at the plans and limitations before availing of the service from the insurance company. After signing up for insurance, one has to provide detailed insurance information to the hospital whenever he/she visits for medication. In this way, one can have a wide-ranging chance to stay tension-free and to treat himself on time by paying the payment through an insurance company.

Types of Health Insurance Plans in Pakistan

The most prevalent types of health plans in Pakistan provided by some of the most well-known insurance companies in the country have been listed as follows based on various healthcare parameters and other criteria:

  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Family Health Insurance
  • Corporate Health Insurance
  • Accidental Insurance

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in Pakistan?

Health Insurance Cost in Pakistan
In Pakistan, the average annual cost of health insurance is roughly PKR 2,500. Hospitalization coverage can be found in some of Pakistan’s most basic health plans for about PKR 60,000 per person.

How To File a Health Insurance Claim in Pakistan

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to file an insurance claim for medical care in Pakistan.

– Your health insurance must be submitted as a written intimation as the very first item you must do.
– When making a claim for your health insurance in Pakistan, be sure to provide all the details of the incident and what caused it.
– Add every piece of documentation and proof needed to finish the health insurance claim filing procedure.
– As required by law and your insurance provider, the paperwork must be signed and witnessed by the designated officials.
– In Pakistan, the procedure for filing a health insurance claim may often take 30 days.
– The insurance company also confirms the submitted document at this time.
– Before disclosing the coverage amount, a background check is also performed.
– It is preferable to speak with a representative of the insurance provider of your choice. They can effectively help you with Pakistan’s medical insurance claim procedure.

Top Insurance Companies in Pakistan

1. Jubilee Life Insurance

2. EFU Life Insurance

3. Adamjee Insurance Company

4. Alfalah Insurance Company

5. State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

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