Zong wins 4G cellular spectrum auction for AJK and GB

Zong spectrum

The 1800 MHz spectrum auction for Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit Baltistan (GB) was held in PTA’s headquarters in Islamabad, and Zong emerged as the biggest bidder, outnumbering Jazz. 

Zong won 11.2 MHz in the highly desired 1800 MHz Band for a total winning price of USD 15.442 million in the auction. The bidding lasted many hours and included 18 rounds. 

Zong will be able to strengthen its 4G leadership and roll out its best-in-class 4G LTE in AJ&K and GB, providing a much-needed lift to connectivity and high-speed data coverage in the region, thanks to the acquisition of the precious 1800 MHz spectrum. 

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“We’re thrilled to have purchased a total of 11.2 MHz spectrum in AJ&K and GB,” said Wang Hua, Zong’s Chairman and CEO, at the event. With this new acquisition, we will be able to provide unbeatable connectivity to the people of the region while also assisting the government in achieving its socioeconomic goals.” 

“Zong’s addition of new spectrum reflects our commitment to Pakistan and its people to develop and deploy the latest technologies, in accordance with the requirements of Pakistan’s ever-expanding and fast-paced digital economy,” Wang Hua added.  

“The long-term goal is to foster and enable a digital revolution environment that places Pakistan at the forefront of technology innovation. Furthermore, Zong’s services are based on and informed by the best international practices and standards, as observed by China Mobile Limited, a global telecommunications leader,” he added. 

The Pakistan Telecom Authority invited cellular operators to apply for 16 MHz paired spectrum in the 1800 MHz band and 30 MHz paired spectrum in the 2100 MHz band for technology-neutral NGMS in AJ&K and GB earlier this month. 

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