Yasir Hussain Badmouths Ertugrul and #YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage Trending on Twitter

Yasir Hussain Ertugrul trending

Yasir Hussain badmouths Turkish hit TV series Ertugrul once again and Pakistanis have started trending #YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage for his uncalled for remarks.

Yasir Hussain the big criticizer of Dirilis Ertugrul and its actors has been seen incurring the wrath of the public and once again the public is now hating him for speaking against the super hit Turkish drama. His outspoken personality is proving to be harmful to him as drama’s fans are not sparing him.

In a recent Instagram story, Hussain shared a tweet featuring pictures of the two Pakistani individuals resembling the actors of Diriliş: Ertuğrul. The tweet deemed them as the ‘Pakistani Turgut and Pakistani Ertuğrul.’ “Inko koi nahi poochega,” he wrote. “Kyunke ghar ki murgi daal barabar or bahar ka kachra bhi maal barabar,” added Hussain.

The actor is not sparing a single chance for turning his guns towards the Turkish stars, terming them ‘international garbage’ after he objected to Esra Bilgic becoming the brand ambassador of Q Mobile

#YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage He needs serious mental help, he has been engaging in immoral controversial activities with his wife in live TV show before thr marriage, wch our society doesn’t allow, How can anyone in society expect good from such man, throw this local garbage out.”

However, people of Pakistan have started hating Yasir Hussain for badmouthing Ertugrul and trending the #YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage on Twitter.

Anoushey Ashraf one of the fans of drama and Pakistani host clapped back at Yasir’s comment as she schooled him in the comments section. She said, “Let’s just gently remind Yasir that NO one is Kachra for one. And even if their work isn’t at par to his liking, actors from around the world must be respected,”She added, “It should be an unspoken ‘bond’ of mutual respect between artists. You’ll know your struggles better than the world does. Having said that Ertugrul is far from kachra, if anything the series is an eye-opener for how people are finally rejecting ‘kachra’ work at home and looking out for better scripts, shows, and budgets.”
In the answer of Miss Ashraf, Yasir said to calm down and started his toxic comments.

Another one tweeted, “I know you want attention but this will not be good #YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage”, “I know you want attention but this will not be good Face with tears of joy #YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage.”, Congratulations to #YasirHussain for winning the title of “real garbage” Clapping hands signClapping hands signVictory hand #YasirHussainIsTheRealGarbage”

Meanwhile, everyone has started calling him “the real garbage” and many Pakistani actors are still awaited to show their reactions.

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