Time to rise above politics and work for development of Karachi, says Asad Umar

Karachi development politics umar

Asad Umar says that no matter who contributes more and who provides less funding, the important thing is to work together for the development of Karachi while rising above politics.

Political scoring started on the Karachi package, worth Rs 1100 billion, recently announced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Both, the federal government and the Sind government claimed to give more share in this big amount.

According to the spokesman of the government of Sindh, Murtaza Wahab said that out of the total Rs 1100 billion, an amount of Rs 750 billion is the responsivity of the government of Sindh and Rs 362 billion will fall on the shoulders of the federal government, the federal government will spend Rs 35 billion annually on Karachi and claimed that Asad Umar did not speak the truth.

Whereas, the federal minister Asad Umar refuted the statement of Bilawal Bhutto, the Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party and claimed that out of the total, package, 62% is the responsibility of the federal government and 38% will be the share of the government of Sindh.

Asad Umar further said that the federal government will not resort to politics and work for the development of Karachi, we are going to be silent. The federal minister Murad Saeed strictly criticized Bilawal Bhutto over the mismanagement of the food distribution process during the pandemic. 

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In Karachi, talking to the newsmen in a press conference along with federal Ministers Ali Zaidi and Amin-ul Haq, Asad Umar said that the distribution of the administrative power is the main reason for the present problems of the city. He said that maximum unanimous decisions were made during the last meeting of the federal government and Provincial government.

He also told the press that the cleaning of the water channels and elimination of encroachment will be done within 15 months and the provision of alternate places is the responsibility of the federal government. The green line project will be completed by 2021, the K4 project will be completed by the end of 2022 and the project of Karachi circular railway will be completed by 2023.

Karachi historic development package worth Rs 1100 billion

The package includes the construction of the Karachi Circular Railway at a cost of Rs 572 billion, restoration of the drainage system of the city for Rs 267 billion, upgrading of its sewerage system for Rs 141 billion, Rs 92 billion for water supply projects, while roads in Karachi will be built at a cost of Rs 41 billion.

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