Winter could lead to second wave of coronavirus in Pakistan, PM warns

Winter second wave of coronavirus

Prime Minister Imran Khan fears winter may bring the second wave of coronavirus in Pakistan, warning people to use face masks in public to avoid a spike in infections.

“Compared to some other states, Allah has been kind to us in Pak & spared us worst effects of COVID-19. There is a fear onset of winter could result in 2nd wave,” PM Khan said on Twitter, urging all workplaces and educational institutions to “ensure masks are worn.”

Earlier, on Friday, the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) issued a fresh warning over the rising COVID-19 infections in Pakistan, added that the second wave may be imminent as the preventive measures are being ignored.

Winter and flouting of SOPs may bring the feared second wave of coronavirus

PMA did not mention winter and said that the second wave is feared in Pakistan due to the rising coronavirus infection cases in the country. “Pakistan is currently at risk of a second wave of coronavirus infections,” said the association. It also warned that all those countries which are into the second wave currently are facing terrible condition due to this contagious disease and so Pakistan might face such situation if cases keep on surging.

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Pakistan Medical Association showed concern over the possibility of the same condition because the country is still facing the battle of rising cases day by day. They chalked up the rise in infections to a lack in the strict observance of coronavirus safety measures. 

In Sindh, half of the country’s cases were recently registered, it said that people had stopped exercising caution. “It is important that special care is taken in primary and pre-primary schools,” said PMA.

The association further said that Pakistan is still in danger and the virus has not been eliminated from the country till now and so safety precautions should be mandatory to take at all times. The announcement comes days after the government started the phase-wise reopening of schools, which concluded with the resumption of primary schools from September 30.

Till now, a total of 314,616 cases have been diagnosed, 6,513 deaths have happened, 298,968 have recovered and 513 patients are in critical condition.

A few days back the daily diagnosed cases were less than 300 and for the last one week it is on the rise, today within 24 hours, 632 new cases have been diagnosed. This is why the second wave is feared in the country.

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