WHO offers to set up vaccination centers in Balochistan

vaccination centers in Balochistan

World Health Organisation (WHO) has offered support for the establishment of more inoculation centers in Balochistan to accelerate the Covid-19 test and vaccination process in the province. 

According to the parliamentary secretary for health and chairperson of the Provincial Task Force, the meeting of the task force, presided over by Dr. Rubaba Buledi, “We are closely monitoring the situation in Balochistan. Looking at it from a broader perspective and taking into account the shortcomings of co-management in this whole process, we are moving towards optimizing the strategy.” 

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She observed that it was compulsory to let the local manpower trained in order to make efforts operative and eternal in Balochistan. She gave the information regarding the initial phase of Universal Health Coverage Programme which was being propelled in nine districts of the province. 

The Provincial Task Force comprising of Provincial Disaster Management Authority, senior officials from the home ministry, education, and other relevant departments has been shaped to constantly analyze the situation in Balochistan. 

Besides this, Dr. Palitha Mahipala, WHO representative in Pakistan informed the meeting that her organization had assembled a survey report regarding the coveted epidemic in Ketch which associates the limitations in the context of the overall situation and gives suggestions for improvement. 

Balochistan to have more vaccination centers

WHO representative Dr Mahipala said steps would be taken by the provincial government to ensure success of the programme in Balochistan. She also admired the proposals given by Dr. Buledi. 

Moreover, the sources informed that the people of age group 60 and above can also get registration for the vaccination programme by sending their national identity card number on 1166. 

Therefore, MS Civil Hospital Quetta has ordered the concerned authorities to take all necessary steps while the provincial health secretary engaged the medical superintendents to complete the second dose of the vaccine for all frontline health workers by March 22. 

On the other hand, the Covid-19 cell of the health department has been constantly collecting data on a daily basis from day one and is keeping a close eye on the situation. “We can take the decision of smart lockdown on a limited level,” Dr. Buledi said. 

In the conclusion note, she shed light on the situation of Balochistan and said that at present the number of patients in the province is being documented in single digits and there is no need to panic.

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