What happened to all the coronavirus tracking apps?

coronavirus tracking apps

The moment coronavirus became the pandemic, tracking apps were welcomed as a way to help countries keeping out of lockdown.

The applications can help to find whether a person was around an infected person via Bluetooth or GPS. The app will further alert the users that they are now in the reach of the virus.

Health officials say through utilizing the app will allow strict restrictions on residents entirely to be lifted while considerably decreasing the danger of the second wave of the virus.

We have seen so many apps been hindered as governments are struggling with the rollout due to difficult systems and there is a short time. And those governments who have made a working app are unable to get too many downloads to get the maximum results.

According to experts from Oxford University, one person who is using the tracking app will help save two people from getting infected. But this formula needs to be successful when 60% of the population uses the same tracking app. The countries that have launched the applications are not getting close to the required installs except Iceland who have the highest rate of implementation which is 40%.

There are two ways to build these coronavirus tracking apps, either start making it from scratch by using Bluetooth technology or choose a system that is jointly created by Apple and Google.

By using the Google and Apple system the data cannot be stored centrally because to protect the privacy of the individual.

Apart from Bluetooth and Google Apple system, some apps are also using the GPS technique as it will tell the exact location of anybody. And some are using both functions (Bluetooth, GPS) together.

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