Want to send a message to yourself on WhatsApp? Here’s a step-by-step guide

WhatsApp message

WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging app, includes a function that allows you to send message to your own phone number in order to add notes or store important information. 

You can start a chat with someone without saving their phone number in your phone’s address book using the “click to chat” feature. 

If you want to chat with an unknown person without saving their number, then you can follow the same process that we have mentioned below.

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Here’s how you can send yourself a message on WhatsApp

  • To begin, you must open any browser on your phone. Ensure that you have access to the internet. 
  • Now, copy and paste “” into the address bar, followed by your WhatsApp phone number.  
  • You must also provide your country code before entering your mobile number, as failing to do so would trigger the app to consider your number invalid. Pakistani users, for example, must type “    
  • You will be taken to a WhatsApp page now. On the top, you’ll see your phone number and a box that says “Continue to Chat.” click on that box. 
  • Your chat window, as well as all of your chats, will be visible. You can now start messaging and adding notes to your phone number. 

It’s worth noting that the procedure is the same for both the mobile and web versions. 

You can use the same method to talk with someone you don’t know without saving their phone number. 

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