Vaccination certificate must for travel to Gilgit Baltistan

Vaccination certificate

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a new covid-19 travel advisory that the travellers above the age of 50 would be permitted to board aircraft only if they will have a valid vaccination certificate.  

Earlier, The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a new travel advisory, declared vaccination certificate must for travel to Gilgit Baltistan. Now the aged travellers would only be allowed to board aircraft after they have a valid vaccination certificate. 

“No boarding will be allowed to passengers over the age of 30 years without the Covid-19 vaccination certificate,” the revised guidelines said.

The reason behind issuing a fresh Covid-19 advisory for passengers was to guarantee safe tourism in the country subject to observance of strict health protocols and standard operating procedures (SOPs). 

Passengers between 30 and 50 year of age not holding valid vaccination certificates during the ongoing national immunization drive, may be allowed to board flight to Gilgit-Baltistan after producing a negative PCR test result conducted within the 72 hours prior to scheduled time of travel. 

The CAA said this temporary exemption will cease to exist on 1st July.  

The Civil Aviation Authority has also said that the foreign tourists, mountaineers and trekkers on flight to Gilgit-Baltistan will continue to ensure compliance with all relevant SOPs. 

Moreover, locals and residents of Gilgit-Baltistan will be exempted from the above laid out requirements as regards air travel to the above mentioned destinations. 

However, all airline operators have been directed by the CAA to ensure implementation of fresh Covid-19 guidelines for safe tourism in Pakistan. 

How to get Nadra’s coronavirus vaccination certificate

The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) issues the Covid-19 immunization certificate after you get two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

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You can get this certificate online too. Just log on to Nadra’s website and it will ask you for your national identity card number, the date of its issuance and phone number.

The website will show the certificate on your computer screen and you can download it after entering your details.

But you will first have to make an online payment of Rs100. Those who can’t make online payments will have to visit the nearest Nadra office.

If you have received two doses of vaccine, you can click this link and download your certificate.

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