Unvaccinated citizens to face tighter restrictions from October 1

Unvaccinated citizens

 Unvaccinated citizens will face stricter restrictions starting October 1, says National Command and Operation Centre Chief Asad Umar. 

According to the report, Umar stated that restrictions will be relieved from schools, businesses and different sectors gradually. But, those who did not get the vaccination, in spite of being told to do so by doctors and experts and a number of vaccination centers available to them, will have face more restrictions. Those people will be not be allowed in locations where they may harm others’ health. 

Moreover, NCOC chief said that unvaccinated people by September 30 cannot: 

  • Continue their jobs educational institutes, comprising teachers, staff, and bus drivers 
  • Avail air travel facility 
  • Enter shopping malls 
  • Reserve rooms at guesthouses or hotels 
  • Be a part of weddings dine indoor or outdoor 

“These are five big activities that you will be prevented from participating in if you are not completely vaccinated,” he said, emphasizing to receive both doses of the anti-Covid jab by September 30. 

Moreover, Asad Umar said districts of Faisalabad, Lahore, Gujrat, Multan, and Sargodha in Punjab, and Banu in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, will remain in lockdown. 

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As per NCOC chief, some changes have been made regarding lockdown in these six districts: 

  • Permission of Inter-city public transport with 50% capacity
  • Reopening of Educational institutions from September 16, with 50% of student attendance 
  • Extension of Outdoor dining timings to midnight while indoor dining will remain closed
  • Opening of Amusement parks and gyms for fully vaccinated; but with 50% capacity 
  • Permission of outdoor gatherings with 400 people while banning indoor gatherings 

Moreover, Umar urged people to get themselves fully vaccinated, “There is no reason why other cities cannot achieve this goal as well.” 

He also demanded immunization facilities to make it easier for citizens to receive the vaccine. 

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