UK to ban new petrol, diesel heavy goods vehicles from 2040

UK petrol vehicles

From 2040, new petrol and diesel heavy goods vehicles will be banned in UK as part of a bigger package of green efforts aimed at reaching net zero emissions from all modes of transportation ten years later. 

As he prepares to host the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference, known as COP26, in Scotland later this year, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is attempting to improve Britain’s environmental credentials. 

Smaller diesel trucks will be banned from sale in 2035, while larger diesel trucks weighing more than 26 tonnes will be banned in 2040, or sooner if possible, according to the government.

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It also outlined ambitions to build a net zero-emission rail network by 2050 and achieve net zero domestic aircraft emissions by 2040. 

2030 UK ban on petrol and diesel vehicles

“Decarbonisation is not merely a technical procedure. It’s about ensuring that transportation improves quality of life and the economy in positive ways “Grant Shapps, the Secretary of Transportation, stated. 

“It’s not about preventing people from doing things; it’s about doing them differently.” 

As world powers seek to reduce carbon emissions by phasing out the fossil-fuel-guzzling internal combustion engine, Britain has already committed to prohibiting the sale of new diesel and gasoline cars beginning in 2030. 

The government announced a consultation on achieving a net zero emissions objective for aviation by 2050, along with “an action plan for how it may be done – guaranteeing everyone can continue to fly for holidays, visits to family, and business without contributing to climate change.” 

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