‘AirCar’ flying car completes an intercity test run between two airports

Flying Car

The flying cars are the next step after zero-emission engines and electric vehicles. Your personal private jet is now the AirCar, the Flying Car. It has a BMW engine and operates on standard fuel from the pump.

Prof Stefan Klein, the car’s developer, claims it can fly for 1,000 kilometres at a height of 8,200 feet (2,500 metres) and has logged 40 hours in the air so far. It takes roughly 2 minutes and 15 seconds for the car to convert into a flying car. It cannot take off or land vertically, unlike drone taxi prototypes, and requires a runway. 

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The landing of the flying automobile was broadcast live to reporters. Reporters observed Prof Klein, the creator, drive directly from the airport into town after folding the car’s narrow wings down along the sides. The Professor described his flight as “typical” and “enjoyable.” 

Speed of Flying Car

While cruising through the air, the AirCar reached a top speed of 170 km/h. It has a combined weight limit of 200kg and can carry two persons. 

The developing market for flying automobiles, which have long been promoted in popular culture as a visionary landmark of the future, has high hopes. 

Potential of Air Car Market 

Morgan Stanley, a financial consulting firm, predicted in 2019 that the flying automobile industry may be worth $1.5 trillion by 2040. Hyundai Motors Europe chief executive Michael Cole described this achievement as “part of our future” at another industry event. It’s seen as a possible answer to the burden on existing transportation infrastructure. 

Prospects of Flying Car Market 

The flying automobile prototype took nearly two years to develop and cost “less than 2 million euros,” according to Klein Vision. According to Anton Zajac, an adviser and investor in Klein Vision, even a modest percentage of worldwide airline or taxi sales would be a huge success. 

“There are roughly 40,000 aircraft orders in the United States alone, and if we convert 5% of those, to replace the aircraft for the flying automobile, we have a massive market,” he stated. 

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