Prince-DFSK announces new increase in prices for Pearl and Glory 580


Following the effectiveness of higher tax rates and subsequent price hikes, Pakistan’s automobile sector began 2022 on a sour note. Regal Motors has increased the pricing of the Prince-DFSK automobiles as a result of the contentious mini-budget. 

The following are the new Prince-DFSK vehicle prices, which take effect immediately: 

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Vehicles Current Price (Rs.) Expected Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.) 
Prince Pearl M/T 1,299,000 1,334,000 35,000 
DFSK Glory 580 1.5T CVT 4,539,000 4,649,000 110,000 
DFSK Glory 580 1.8 CVT 4,689,000 4,800,000 111,000 
DFSK Glory 580 Pro 4,920,000 5,040,000 120,000 
Prince K07 Van1,639,000 1,749,000 110,000 

Regal Motors recently organized ceremony to commemorate the production of its 15,000th locally assembled vehicle. It has been one of the most significant new players in the crossover SUV market since its launch in 2018. This was due to the fact that the Glory 580 provided functionality, advanced features, and comfort at a reasonable price. 

The SUV, however, has become an instant competitor of the more popular Kia Sportage Alpha and its FWD variants, with its price already approaching Rs. 5 million. 

Regardless, due to its two additional passenger seats, the Glory 580 is expected to retain its advantage in practicality. With the recent price hikes, sales of the unpopular Prince Pearl and the K07 are expected to stay low. 

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