Toyota bZ4X all-electric SUV hits the road at $42000


Toyota has finally disclosed pricing for its planned bZ4X SUV before it reaches at dealers later this spring, after revealing the company’s first electric vehicle last year.

The bZ4X will start at $42,000 for the base XLE model with front-wheel drive and provide 252 miles of range on a single charge. Meanwhile, if you want a rather more luxury option, the Limited package (starting at $46,700) includes more premium satin and soft-touch finishes as well as improved seats, with FWD and X-MODE AWD powertrain options available across both trim levels.

While the bZ4X is similar in size to Toyota’s famous RAV4 (it’s 3.7 inches longer but two inches shorter), it features a sharper, more modern look with a focus on aerodynamics and better driver visibility owing to a lower hood height. Toyota claims a 0-60 time of 7.1 seconds for the base model and 6.5 seconds for the AWD version. However, the AWD model’s quicker acceleration comes at the cost of a slightly shorter range, with a top speed of roughly 228 miles per charge.

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Inside, there’s seating for 5 persons and a 12.3-inch touchscreen with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

You can also pay for a Wi-Fi Connect subscription, which adds hotspot connectivity backed by AT&T’s 4G network to those who truly want to stay connected. There are also a few USB ports (both Type-A and Type-C), a built-in wireless charger, and a three-year trial of Toyota’s Remote Connect service, which permit owners to operate features like the car’s temperature controls, horn, window defroster, and more from a smartphone app.

Finally, the bZ4X will come with a 6.6kW adaptor that should be able to charge the car from zero to full in around nine hours when connected to a Level 2 charger, with new owners having the option to purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex charger directly from certain dealers. In addition, everyone who buys or leases a 2023 bZ4X will receive a free year of unlimited complimentary charging at all EVgo charging stations around US.

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