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Telegram allows users to import WhatsApp chats

Telegram WhatsApp chats

Telegram now allows the import of chats from WhatsApp accounts of the growing userbase on iOS products — works from other social media messaging apps as well.

Telegram Messenger has managed to add a key feature that could help it attract more app users in the days to come, grasping the chance of many WhatsApp users around the world probing for another app to jump to.

The messaging application updated a new function through which WhatsApp users can easily shift towards Telegram application by utilizing import messages service offered by Telegram. You can import your WhatsApp chats into your Telegram account now.

The initiative taken by Telegram is very positive in the light of the recent change in WhatsApp privacy check, which was later put on hold following a backlash, to gain more followers. So those who wanted to shift from WhatsApp but want to preserve their WhatsApp chat can gain from this feature.

According to, chats history can also be imported to Telegram from applications other than WhatsApp.

Here’s how it can be done

Step 1: Export your WhatsApp chats from the chat actions options.

Step 2: After choosing Telegram from the iOS Share Sheet, Telegram asks where to import messages from. You may select a chat of your own (saved messages), a new group or some other kind of chat.

Your imported chats and media (if you have opted to import media from WhatsApp) can be seen in the Telegram chat you have selected after the above two steps have been taken.

All messages you import from WhatsApp or other apps are labelled as “Imported” in the Telegram. “They were previously labelled as “Forwarded”.

So far, only iPhone users have been offered this feature and it is available on the App Store. However, an update for Android is soon planned as well.

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