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Supreme Court suspends release of 196 convicted by military courts

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Supreme Court suspended the Peshawar High Court’s order to release 196 military court convicts, seeks case details against them.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court has suspended the PCH’s orders to release 196 military court convicts. Supreme Court sought details regarding released military court convicts. Mushir Alam headed the Supreme Court’s three-member bench where he heard a petition against the Peshawar High Court’s judgment which was given on June 17.

Furthermore, the head court inquired if the prisoners were released from jail following the decision of Peshawar High Court. Supreme Court was informed that prisoners were not released yet, it was informed by the Additional Attorney General. He also asked the Peshawar High Court to suspend this decision.

Justice Qazi Amin said that each case will have specific facts and proofs and also all the prisoners were convicted after a trial by military Court. Subsequently, Peshawar High Court suspended the order and Supreme Court suspended the hearing on the military courts judgment till 24th July.

Two member bench on 11th July comprised of PHC Justice Muhammad Naeem Anwar, and PHC Chief Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth delivered a detailed judgment of 426 pages on the appeals of the prisoners. The courts permitted their release if they were not involved in any other case.

According to the judgment, prisoned persons will not be permitted to meet their relatives, or they will not be allowed to defend themselves either. However, the point was also raised that there were no complaints and direct first information reports against these convicts.

Also, no investigation was carried out to prove accusations against them. No convict would be allowed to file an appeal on their own the judgment described the entire proceedings against them as a violation of relevant laws and human rights.

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