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Man who tortured mother in viral video arrested, granted interim bail

tortured mother viral video

Police on Wednesday arrested Arsalan, a resident of Rawalpindi who tortured his mother in a viral video clip and later granted him interim bail.

Punjab Police tweeted the image of the accused, identified as Arsalan, in handcuffs and behind bars, included in the investigation after being granted interim bail. 

“I apologise to my mother, as well as mothers across Pakistan and all over the world, for my actions,” Punjab Police tweeted his video from the police station.

The woman seen in the video mercilessly subjected to domestic violence by her son said her son and daughter-in-law fought with her every day and that they both beat her. The man was also abusing her mother while his wife stood in the background, encouraging him. Her daughter Zobia Ameer recorded the viral video and she said that she was also beaten up by her brother Arsalan and his wife.

People condemned man who tortured mother in viral video

The video generated a hue and cry on Twitter with many calling for the man to be arrested for subjecting his mother to torture.

Hamza Ali Abbasi expressed contempt for the act cursed the man to “the deepest most rotten corner of hell”.

Another television star and a co-star of Janaan Ali Rehman Khan asked for justice and expressed his disgust over the act of a son beating his mother saying, “appalled and sick to the stomachs he needs to be in prison”.

Moreover, Ushna Shah the villain character in Bewafa said she was in tears after watching the video.

Armeena Khan also tweeted and said the viral video of man tortured his mother upset her beyond anything.

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