Zoom launches 27-inch touchscreen Zoom for Home for remote workers

Zoom from Home

Zoom is getting into the hardware game with its first 27-inch touchscreen Zoom from Home device for taking video calls at home.

As the world is under pandemic, tech companies keep on introducing new equipment which helps citizens to feel more comfortable and easy.

Zoom gained popularity in the coronavirus pandemic and received millions of downloads. Now, as the wave of the coronavirus is at the declining phase and people are coming back to the new normal life, Zoom is shifting its focus towards hardware.

The San Jose based video conferencing platform revealed that they are launching Zoom from Home device. Zoom will be collaborating with DTEN who is also San Jose based company and works for video conferencing equipment.

A 27-inch screen that only works with Zoom, assisting in video calls and collaborating with a big touch screen.

The specifications Zoom from Home are as follows:

  • For $599 you get a 27-inch touch screen along with 1080p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • The screen has three cameras installed which give video calling a better look along with an 8-microphone array and integrated speakers. With these speakers, the sound quality is better than the laptops. The microphone pickup range is maxed 16 ft.
  • The device connects via WIFI or Ethernet and also contains an HDMI port. The total weight of the screen will be 6.5 kg.
  • The touch screen will be used in order to share screen or mark anything during presentations.
  • You can do everything on this device that you already doing on laptops but with more advanced mics and best results through the video camera.
  • Previously Zoom was heavily criticized over its dubious privacy practices before the pandemic and at the start of the pandemic. Although the company did manage to cover the loopholes in the video conferencing app and its privacy.
  • $599 for only Zoom from Home is a too high price tag and the device will to be shipped in August.
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