Subaru unveils Solterra SUV, its first all-electric car, developed with Toyota


Subaru has unveiled the Solterra, the company’s first electric vehicle. The Solterra SUV, which will be available in the United States, Canada, and Europe in 2022, will be powered by an electric vehicle platform that Subaru has been co-developing with Toyota. 

The Solterra will be available with either a 150kW (201 horsepower) AC synchronous motor driving just the front wheels or a pair of 80kW (107 horsepower) motors, one for each axle, for a total output of 160kW (214hp). 

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Based on the WLTC standard in Japan, both models include a 71.4kWh battery under the floor that Subaru believes will provide roughly 530km (329 miles) of range. (In the United States, the EPA rating is likely to be lower.) The all-wheel-drive version will have a range of 460 kilometres (286 miles). 

The Solterra can enable DC fast charging up to 150kW when the battery is running low, however, Subaru didn’t say how long it would take. In comparison, Toyota claims that charging its BZ4X, which is based on the same EV platform, to 80 percent capacity will take 30 minutes. The BZ4X, which will be released in 2022, will be based on this shared platform, which Toyota refers to as the e-TNGA and Subaru refers to as the e-Subaru. 

The Solterra, unlike the BZ4X, looks to feature a standard interior and steering wheel. (Toyota’s electric SUV comes with an optional steering yoke.) The Solterra, like Subaru’s previous gas-powered SUVs, will have the company’s X-Mode AWD control system, which “enhances the sense of security on bumpy roads,” according to Subaru. 

It’s also incorporated a new “Grip Control function, which allows the car to maintain a consistent pace while stabilizing it even on rough roads, enhancing the capability.” 

Solterra SUV will come out next year, however, the company hasn’t revealed the Solterra’s starting price. 

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