Stanford University Names World’s Top 2% Scientists, 243 Are From Pakistan

Stanford Pakistan

At least 243 scientists from Pakistan have figured among the top two percent scientists in a global list compiled by the prestigious Stanford University.

Among the total Pakistanis, Twelve teachers have made it to a list of the world’s top 2% scientists compiled by Stanford University of which 9 of them are from Punjab University and 3 Government College University, Lahore.

The US-based Stanford University recently released a list that represents the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in multiple disciplines. The list comprises around 160,000 persons.

Whereas, the Punjab University college’s spokesperson said Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Dr. Mohammad Sharif, and Dr. Mohammad Akram were selected by Stanford for their lifetime research. The spokesperson further said that six more researchers from Punjab University were selected in the category for the international examination of one-year research papers.

Those 6 more researchers are Dr. Hafiz Azhar, Dr. Zeeshan Yousuf, Dr. Mohammad Younis, Dr. Saima Arshad, Dr. Abdur Rehman, and Dr. Noman Raza.

Moreover, the only professor of South Asia is Dr. Mahmood to have received the reward in Information and Library Science. Meanwhile, more than 81 professors from Pakistan were also recognized in the lifetime research worklist by Stanford University.

Professor Dr. Mjuahid Abbas, Professor Dr. Zakaullah, and Dr. Abdul Sattar Nizami were the educationists selected from Government College University, Lahore.

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Government College University, Lahore Vice-Chancellor Dr. Asghar Zaidi congratulated the teachers and said the professors were honored to be among the world’s best researchers.

These teachers are the real asset of the country who have made the name of their university and Pakistan honorable.

You can see the full list of scientists featured on the Stanford list here.

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