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South Asian monsoon becoming unpredictable, catastrophic: experts

South Asian catastrophic monsoon

South Asian monsoon is becoming alarmingly catastrophic and predicting it is becoming difficult. The Comsats Centre for Climate and Sustainability (CCCS) arranged a meeting where Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan’s International experts and scientists participated in a webinar online seminar on the Impacts of Climate Change on South Asian Monsoon.

They discussed the variability of the monsoon and its relationship with the changing global climate system, as well as the adverse effects of climate-mediated changes in South Asia.

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However, speakers told that global warming is causing precipitation and drought. It is also causing dire consequences for the agriculture-based economy of the region.

Shahid A. Kamal the retired ambassador said, “The monsoon was considered one of the world’s most important weather systems and it was imperative for reliable monsoon forecasting to understand the changing water patterns in the South Asian region.”

Some other speakers like Tribhuvan University Associate Professor Dr. Madan Sigdel, Sri Lanka Department of Meteorology Director Anusha Rashanti Warnasooriya, Deputy Director at the Pakistan Meteorological Department Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Babar, Thailand National Astronomical Research Institute Senior Researcher Dr. Vanisa Surapipith, and Dhaka University Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Ismail were also the part of the meeting.

They all discussed the consequences of monsoon causing in the South Asian countries and that how the gravity of social, economic, and environmental implications associated with the abrupt monsoon pattern in South Asia. Also, the floods and drought are destroying the region.

In a Webinar seminar, many recommendations were given that includes to call for research-backed policy formulation in order to alleviate the impacts of sudden catastrophic changes of monsoon pattern on the socio-economic and environmental condition of the South Asian countries. They also discussed adopting resources to strengthen scientific and technical capacity.

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